Words of Great Wisdom

I’d like to recognise the blogger of YA-ALLAH at  http://yallaah.wordpress.com for the following saying taken from the Quran; Sūra I.: Fātiḥa. 

I’m not religious myself but the sayings contain true gems of wisdom. This one is especially true because I’ve found in life it is people who have the least that give the most…

‘The greatest form of charity is the effort to help a poor man, made in secret by one who is poor himself’

If we all followed that edict the world would truly be a better place.


Leonardo Da Vinci and the Secret of the Mona Lisa Smile

More art from Jambo. And the unveiling of the secret of. ‘Hush’. Mona Lisa. You’ll like this, it’s an interactive post.

I’ve seen both paintings (yes there are  two Mona Lisa paintings, and it’s rumoured there is a third. All painted on blocks of wood)

And I experimented with the concept of ‘The Smile’. It’s been described as everything from ‘Enigmatic’ to ‘Wind’.

I probably discovered the secret by accident but I’m insecure enough to claim it was the end result of a studied methodology over many years. It actually was by accident and it took 3 hours.

This is a painting of my beloved. ‘La Rubio’.

Take a piece of paper and cover the left side of the face, then move the paper to cover the right side of the face. Try it a few times and see the effect.

The Mona Lisa Smile

The Mona Lisa Smile

OK. If you haven’t figured out what you’re looking at.

The face on the left hand side of the picture is happy, the face on the right hand side is sad. Put the two together and you get ‘The Mona Lisa Smile’.

Leonardo Da Vinci knew a thing or two about painting.